Fearlessly Define Your Own Terms

Warriors define the terms of their life that they live by. Through steadfastness they begin to discover these terms and in the end themselves. The greatest gift and aim of life is that of self discovery and the journey towards total self realization. What other aim could there be but to realize the vast completeness that we are in a continual co-evolution with the universal force itself. Always becoming, always discovering then redefining. When there is no more becoming there is a going, a death. But it is not death we should watch out for it is a life unloved that is our greatest enemy. For death brings us a checkpoint along the journey, a space to reassess and reevaluate our evolutionary direction. It is temporary and will pass like a wound that heals and makes us stronger. The point of life then is not the avoidance of death or the mere pursuit of material gain, but the pursuit of the inner sanctums of the soul which will unfold into greater love, wisdom and bliss.

How does one do this? Through following our hearts fearlessly into the experiences that will allow for more growth. Do not worry about worldly consequences for they are only temporary. Attack goals, rally forces, and serve the highest good of all.

When Your Life Journey Really Begins

life journey

Life experiences is what begins our life journey. Without the pain, anguish, and dissatisfaction that life inevitably brings, we wouldn’t or even couldn’t grow. It is the fodder for the fire of transformation. Failure is just another log in this fire to help us burn brighter when we finally ignite. But when does our real life begin? That point where we think, yes this is what I want to be doing and this is what I’m going to be doing with my life. Why not at the age of 28? In astrology it is when Saturn returns and a nice healthy age but we have gained some wisdom and personal growth through our 28 years of experience. Plenty of life left to live, well over 50 years remain to do our work. Up until 28 it is just practice for the real game. It’s about cultivating the skills required to fulfil our mission, even if at the time they seem haphazard.

Where does that passion for our work derive from? Is it innate or is it cultivated?  The passion for our work is partially chosen and partially stumbled upon. It’s a bit of left and right brain activities to come upon a true calling. We must have the knowledge and logical purpose but we also must have a deep calling that comes from a depth that we do not know yet. But when we discover it we just know intuitively that this is what we must be doing with our time. The funny thing is, then we will spend most of our time trying to avoid just doing that because the resistance will be so strong. It’s like we are trying to keep ourselves away from the fear of failure and/or success and the vast amount of potential egoic pain that would come along with failing at something we love and hold so dearly.

How did the great ones like DaVinci do it?  By being connected with a true higher form of themselves. They did not do it in separation. DaVinci was most definitely connected to a higher power that was readily accessible to him.  That’s the key.  No great creation or manifestation can occur while in separation. It must occur at a higher, more unified level of consciousness and then be brought into the physical world through action. Sometimes it may look like the creation was done in separation because only one physical person is credited as the inventor but it is usually many many beings working together on some level to form truly great new ideas. Discover them, play with them, and see what you can create together.